U-Freight screens cargo away from Hong Kong airport


U-Freight Group has become one of first freight forwarders in Hong Kong to be allowed to screen air cargo away from the airport.

The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD) has certified U-Freight’s hub as a Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility, as part of a scheme to ease pressure at Hong Kong International Airport’s cargo terminals.

RACSF was launched in October 2018 to screen air cargo at off-airport sites in order to meet industry security checks for all airfreight shipments by 30 June 2021.

Over two years ago, U-Freight installed an X-ray machine at its Golden Bear Industrial Centre, giving staff time to gain experience in scanning and identify prohibited or suspicious products in e-commerce parcels.

A second enhanced X-ray machine was installed in July 2019, capable of scanning consignments up to pallet size.

U-Freight modified its export operations warehouse to accommodate the existing X-ray machine as well as the new one.

Simon Wong, chief executive officer of U-Freight Group says: “The establishment of off-airport screening facilities in Hong Kong will enable air cargoes to be screened at the existing warehouses or similar premises of the air cargo industry before such cargoes are transported to the airport for loading onto aircraft.

“We were very keen to capitalise on this opportunity, so it is great news that we have become one of the first freight forwarders and logistics companies to have been accredited by CAD.”