UK quarantine reduction could help the aviation industry

Catriona Taylor

With the Prime Minister expected to reduce the quarantine period upon arrival to the UK from 14 days to five in a bid to revive the airline industry, Catriona Taylor, Passenger Director at global aircraft charter specialist Chapman Freeborn, made the following statement:

“The new test and release system being discussed would absolutely bring a boost to travel in general and the VIP and charter business. Businesses that would in normal times travel for meetings, conferences or events may be able to start traveling again.

 “Quarantine for five days vs fourteen is certainly a start for the return of not only business travel but leisure travel too. People have been used to working at home and have had to lockdown in the UK twice already this year. So, a five-day quarantine could be a good balance when weighing up the benefits of being able to travel and be the kick start the travel industry urgently needs.

“The airlines rely on the Winter flying programs and Christmas travel, with a lower quarantine time this should increase the number of travellers. However, with the system being reviewed weekly this may still put travellers off.

“Certainly, something needs to change to allow aviation to start again otherwise we may not see all of the airlines survive into 2021.”