United Cargo prepares for what’s next


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, United Cargo had supported a variety of customers within the healthcare industry for over 10 years. Three solutions, TempControl, LifeGuard and QuickPak, protect the integrity of vital shipments such as precision medicine, pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical equipment and vaccines. By utilising processes like temperature monitoring, thermodynamic management and priority boarding and handling, United Cargo claims to give customers “the peace of mind that their shipments will be protected throughout their journey.”

With the global demand for tailored pharmaceutical solutions at an all-time high, the airline has made investments to provide the most reliable air cargo options for cold chain shipping. In April this year, it became the first US carrier to lease temperature-controlled shipping containers manufactured by DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.

“Providing safe air cargo transport for essential shipments has been a top priority since the pandemic began. While the entire air cargo industry has had its challenges, I’m proud of how United Cargo has adapted and thrived despite a significant reduction in network capacity and supply,” said United Cargo president Jan Krems. “We remain committed to helping our customers make it through the pandemic, as well as to doing everything we can to be prepared for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution when the time comes.”

“Our entire team continues to prioritise moving critical shipments as part of our commitment to supporting the global supply chain. We’ve assembled a COVID readiness task team to ensure we have the right people in place and are preparing our airports as we get ready for the industry-wide effort that comes next.”

In co-operation with  partners all over the world, United Cargo has helped transport nearly 66,000 tonnes of medical supplies to aid in the fight against COVID-19, using a combination of cargo-only flights and passenger flig­hts. To date, United Cargo has operated more than 6,300 cargo-only flights and has transported more than 97,000 tonnes of cargo worldwide.