United volumes, profit up


United Airlines has seen volumes in January rise by 11.2 per cent year-on-year to 200.6 million cargo revenue ton miles (CRTM), but it is the lowest month since April 2014.

The January result is up on the same month in 2014 when the CRTM was 180.3 million. January this year was the lowest month since April 2014, when CRTM was 194.4 million. Since then every month has been above 200 million. In May, the CRTM was 206.4 million, in June it was 202.6 million and in July it was 212.1 million.

In August, the CRTM dropped to 204.2 million, then increased to 207.8 million in September. The CRTM was highest in October, November and December at 227.4 million, 222.2 million and 224.4 million, respectively.

In 2014, United saw profits rise by 98.2 per cent to $1.1 billion. This is despite fourth quarter profits falling by 80 per cent to $28 million. In the first quarter, the airline made a loss of $609 million, before making profits of $789 million during the second quarter and $924 million in the third quarter.

Cargo revenue during 2014 was up 6.3 per cent to $938 million. During the first quarter it was $209 million, rising to $232 million in the second. In the third quarter, cargo revenue was $237 million before reaching $260 million during the fourth.


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