United’s cargo-only flights transport critical goods

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United Airlines

United has played a vital role in helping keep the global supply chains stable during the COVID-19 pandemic so urgently needed goods can get to the places that need them most, says the airline. In addition to current service from the US to Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and the Middle East, the airline now offers cargo-only flights to key international markets including Dublin, Paris, Rome, Santiago and Zurich. These new routes will connect freight customers and further extend the air cargo network – for example connecting major pharmaceutical hubs in Europe and perishable markets in Latin America.

“Air cargo continues to be more important than ever,” says United Cargo president Jan Krems. “This network expansion helps our customers continue to facilitate trade and contribute to global economic development and recovery. I’m proud of our team for mobilising our cargo-only flights programme that enables the shipment of critical goods that will support global economies.”

Since the airline began its programme on March 19, it has completed more than 2,400 cargo-only flights, transporting over 77 million pounds of cargo. It has over 1,100 cargo-only flights scheduled for the month of June, operating between six US hubs and over 20 cities all over the world.