IT upgrades for SkyTeam Cargo


SkyTeam Cargo is working on improving its IT systems for alliance members, vice president cargo alliance, Eric Hartmann tells Air Cargo Week.

SkyTeam Cargo is not actively looking for new members at this time but is working on improving its IT.

Hartmann says: “Currently we are focused on IT solutions that will assist us to bring together the world’s largest air cargo network effectively. We are not actively looking to add new members but with that said if the fit is right we would welcome new members.”

He continues: “We are working hard on looking for ways to continue offering the best products to our customers by offering fast – transparent IT solutions, seamless connections and one stop warehousing.”

Hartmann says SkyTeam Cargo offers airlines a customer focus stamp of quality by adapting to the product pillars of equation, variation, cohesion and dimension.

“These four products are designed with the customer in mind and the special needs that today’s cargo demands. Worldwide exposure as the alliance positions each airlines brand on a platform that reaches customers around the globe.”

He says the network covers 175 countries with a fleet of more than 3,100 aircraft, 80 of which are widebody freighters, as well as 14,500 daily departures.

“Our members market share of world traffic grew to more than 24 per cent in 2015 but in general we are feeling the same difficult market that the rest of the industry is experiencing.”

He continues: “Our industry is under tremendous pressure but we are starting to see some positive trends which we expect to stay with us into 2017.”

Hartmann says the biggest challenge network members are facing is overcapacity due to increasing numbers of passenger aircraft, though that is not necessarily a bad thing in his view. “In my point of view this growth is positive for us as additional capacity brings new opportunities with higher levels of service and combining this with seamless network, it should open the door to new commodities being shipped by air in particular one we are all talking about, e-commerce.”