UPS and HerdX serve beef with blockchain


UPS has collaborated with HerdX to deliver blockchain-verified traced beef from a US farm to Japan.

The shipment left a Kansas farm on 4 November wrapped in UPS Temperature True packaging, which contains sensors monitoring and recording the airfreight shipment’s temperature from origin to destination.

Data sourced via UPS Temperature True monitoring devices was uploaded and integrated within HerdX’s blockchain verification platform.

The beef arrived at a steakhouse in Tokyo where guests including US and Japanese embassy officials were invited to scan QR codes containing tracking information detailing the journey of the beef.

Romaine Seguin, president of UPS Global Freight Forwarding says: “Blockchain verification for international air freight shipments is complex and requires a great amount of expertise in customs and freight forwarding. Getting it right has implications for many industries, such as restaurants, food & beverage, and retail. We’re committed to upholding HerdX’s industry-leading quality assurance and traceability standards for all customers eyeing international growth moving forward.”

HerdX was founded by Ron Hicks, and HerdX Livestock Ecosystem uses tags, water and data to support livestock producers, enhance animal health and deliver clean, traceable food.

He says: “UPS Freight Forwarding and Logistics services more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Our official international logistics partnership gives HerdX unprecedented scaling power, which in turn provides incredible expansion opportunities for the American cattle producer.”