UPS and pilots reach “tentative agreement” on new contract


UPS Airlines has reached a “tentative agreement” with the Independent Pilots Association (IPA) for contract improvements valid until 2021.

The five-year labour contract will run from 1 September 2016 to 1 September 2021 if it is ratified by a majority of UPS’s 2,600 pilots. Specific details of the agreement will not be disclosed until it is presented to the pilots but it is said to cover improvements across all sections of the contract.

IPS president, Captain Robert Travis says: “This tentative agreement has been unanimously approved and endorsed by both the IPA Executive Board and our Negotiating Committee.  Over the next month we will present it to our members with an unqualified recommendation for ratification.”

UPS Airlines president, Brendan Canavan says: “This contract rewards our crewmembers for their outstanding contributions and contains provisions that protect UPS’s ability to deliver competitive service to our global customers.”