Volga-Dnepr denies falsifying Airworthiness Certificates


Volga-Dnepr Group has dismissed reports that Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service (AMTES) is facing criminal charges for falsifying Airworthiness Certificates for Russian registered AN-124-100s.

Describing media reports as “not true”, Volga-Dnepr says AMTES and its management have not received any official notifications of a criminal case nor any enquiries or investigations from law enforcement agencies in Ukraine or any other country.

It says: “There is no official information regarding the subject matter, scope or participants of the supposed investigation.”

The group says all documents confirming the airworthiness of the AN-124-100 “were issued by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation and are fully compliant with international law”.

It adds that the group’s legal department are analysing the situation, saying: “Should AMTES GmbH receive any official confirmation of a criminal prosecution, the Group will take all necessary legal measures to protect its interests and goodwill.”