Volga-Dnepr rushes aid to Guam following Typhoon Mangkhut


Volga-Dnepr Airlines organised a delivery of critical aid relief cargo to Guam to help victims of Typhoon Mangkhut in less than 24 hours.

Within eight and a half hours of the customer’s confirmation, Volga-Dnepr had positioned one of its AN-124-100s at the airport of departure, ready to load a shipment of 64 tonnes of food supplies and bottled water.

The expedited loading process was completed in just three hours, ensuring the aircraft was ready to depart to Guam as soon as the storm had passed the island.

Typhoon Mangkhut, which struck Guam on 10 September is the strongest tropical cyclone recorded in 2018 to date, with winds reaching up to 285kmh.

It has affected areas including the Mariana Islands, the Philippines, Taiwan, South China and Vietnam.