Volumes fall at Changi Airport in June

Changi Airfreight Centre

Changi Airport’s monthly cargo volumes dipped in June for the second consecutive month.

The airport handled 151,300 tonnes in June, which was a 2.2 per cent year on year (YOY) fall on the same month in 2014.

Changi Airport saw more positive news for the first half of 2015, as cargo volumes increased YOY by 0.2 per cent to 912,300 tonnes.

This growth was driven by rises in imports and transhipments across Changi’s top five markets, China, Australia, Hong Kong, US and Indonesia.

This year the airport has seen unpredictable monthly volumes due to the Asia Pacific slowdown and the impact on cargo markets of the weakening Chinese economy.

June’s figure was down on the 157,000 tonnes in May, which itself was a YOY decline of 0.3 per cent. It was also down on April when 153,400 tonnes were processed, when Changi posted a YOY rise of 1.6 per cent.

The record month for the year so far is March, when 162,7000 tonnes were handled, which was still a 4.2 per cent YOY on fall.

February remains the slowest month of the year for volumes at Changi when 136,000 tonnes were processed, but this was still the biggest YOY monthly increase of the year at 7.3 per cent.

In January, Changi handled a similar amount of cargo to June with 150,300 tonnes, which was a YOY uplift of one per cent on January 2014.

In last week’s Air Cargo Week, Changi Airport Group (CAG) assistance vice president for cargo and logistics development, James Fong, explained the airport plans on developing its cargo operations and “leveraging” its location in South East Asia. He said growth will come from North East Asia and South West Pacific markets and also highlighted the opportunities for Changi in pharmaceuticals and perishables.

Traffic is set to rise at Changi, and last week, CAG signed a memorandum of understanding with Xiamen Airlines to grow bellyhold traffic and connectivity between Changi and China.

Last year, Changi handled around 1.8 million tonnes of cargo.