WACO members make FIFA Arab Cup a success

Richard Charles, Chief Executive Officer, WACO.

Members of The WACO System (WACO), headed by Dimotrans Group, combined collective expertise and experience to ensure the successful delivery of 600 tonnes of tournament equipment in time for the recent FIFA Arab Cup event in Doha, Qatar.

The combined project required WACO members to organise 100 sea freight containers and 200 tonnes of airfreight formed of three charter flights for 100 tonnes and the rest moved by regular scheduled flights.

“It took representatives from Qatar, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands to make this international sporting occasion a success,” said Eric Abballe, events manager, Dimotrans.

“A major challenge was to coordinate local operations and international transport from multiple countries to such a strict deadline, which was further complicated by ongoing capacity struggles across airlines and shipping lines.”

“As a member of WACO, we were able to call on our partners across the network to navigate the tight market conditions and ensure the diverse cargoes were transported safely, in full, and on time.”

The cargo consisted of items such as exhibition demonstration material, assorted furniture, display stands, and other construction items required for large-scale tournaments.

“This project highlights both the benefit of being a WACO member and the effectiveness of The WACO System combining local knowledge, multinational collaboration, and diverse expertise to deliver for a world-class event,” said Richard Charles, chief executive officer, WACO.

WACO is an exclusive network of global freight management companies that have a combined annual turnover of USD four billion across 120 members in 116 countries, employing over 21,000 freight professionals who handle over 1.85 million shipments each year.