WCA and Alibaba sign agreement to boost cross-border eCommerce

WCA chairman David Yokeum (left) with Alibaba Logistics director Steve Su

WCA and alibaba.com have signed an agreement to allow approved WCA member companies integrated into Alibaba’s logistics platform for cross-border eCommerce shipments.

The collaboration commences in January 2017, facilitating shipments generated by alibaba.com’s members to major exports including the USA, India and the UK.

WCA will provide support in vetting and approving international logistics providers for alibaba.com customers, and approved providers will have full access to compete for logistics orders on the alibaba.com platform.

WCA chief executive officer, Dan March says: “Many of our member companies are already heavily involved in many facets of cross-border eCommerce logistics. The strict qualification process for our newly-formed WCA eCommerce network will provide reassurance that the services provided by our members can facilitate merchants on Alibaba.com to accelerate their global trading.”

Alibaba Logistics director, Steve Su adds: “We are committed to offering premium services to global SMEs on our platform who are looking to scale up their business presence through cross-border trading.”