WCA Pharma Academy launches GDP training


The WCA Pharma Academy has launched a Good Distribution Practice Compliance training programme for freight forwarders in the pharmaceutical logistics sector.

The first course took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with 18 participants achieving full GDP compliance accreditation from the WCA Pharma Academy.

Members are required to be GDP compliant to maintain their group membership to guarantee pharma products are stored, transported and handled appropriately.

Leah McKenna, manager WCA Academy says: “GDP courses are part of WCA’s Academy programme, which was launched to help promote continued learning for those who want to sharpen their professional skills and logistics operations.”

Participants are tested on GDP compliance prior to the training and sitting an exam at the end of the programme.

Out of the 18 participants, nine received a score of 95% or higher.

McKenna adds: “WCA would like to thank Henry Moran at ASC Associates for leading and executing such a successful course.”

The next GDP Compliance training will be held on 16 June 2020 at the World Speciality Logistics Fair in Dallas, Texas.