Western Global continues to bring hurricane aid to Puerto Rico


Western Global Airlines is continuing to operate relief flights to Puerto Rico, carrying emergency supplies in huge quantities on board its MD-11 Freighters.

Each flight carried about 200,000lbs of supplies including food, water and equipment, with two relief flights travelling from Miami to Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla filled with tents, water and other supplies to set up a tent city for families who were displaced due to Hurricane Maria.

Western Global has been flying emergency mail and packages for the US Postal Service from Memphis to San Juan.

Western Global has performed five MD-11 flights from Miami to Puerto Rico and seven MD-11 flights from Memphis, delivering in excess of two million pounds of aid to the hurricane ravaged island.

Western Global Airlines chief executive officer, Jim Neff says: “Due to our location in Southwest Florida, Western Global’s own operation was impacted by Hurricane Irma, but thanks to the dedication of our entire employee team, we are now fully recovered and continue in pursuit of connecting people all over the world to the goods and products that are important to them, especially urgent necessities that save lives, through responsive, reliable, and low-cost air cargo transportation.”

He adds: “We are honoured to serve people across the globe with excellence, proudly representing the U.S. and the Southwest Florida community. We have flown extensive relief missions throughout the world, including West Africa, Haiti, and Madagascar, to name a few.”

“Our fleet of MD-11 and 747-400 freighter airplanes and team of over 350 dedicated professionals are standing by 24/7 to do the impossible in order to bring a positive outcome to those we serve, and those in need.”