Western Global flies 100 million flowers for Mother’s Day


Western Global Airlines flew over 100 million flowers across 76 flights to Miami so the essential products reach the shops in time for Mother’s Day.

The South American flowers, mainly exotic roses and carnation variations originate primarily from Ecuador and Colombia, which once harvested are packed for shipping and swiftly flown on board temperature controlled Boeing 747-400 and MD-11 Freighters to Miami International Airport.

The cargo was then processed by customs officers, then once cleared prepared for delivery to flower wholesalers and flower stalls, florist shops and grocery stores all over the US in time for Mother’s Day.

Western Global Airlines chief executive officer, Jim Neff says: “We are experts at airlifting perishables all over the world – fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and of course flowers. Shipping agricultural goods can provide added challenges, especially given their short shelf-life. For this endeavour, ensuring fast, responsive service and optimal temperature-controlled environment is of utmost importance, and our dedicated team is once again delivering with excellence.”

The airline also flew aircraft full of Mother’s Day flowers from growers in Africa to European destinations for distribution to mothers throughout Europe.