WFS chosen to handle Airbus Belugas in Spain


Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) has been selected by Airbus to handle the giant Beluga A300-600ST Super Transporter at Airbus facilities in Getafe, Spain.

WFS has opened a new state inside the Airbus facilities, which will see the aircraft operating between Getafe and other Airbus plants in Europe on an almost daily basis.

The handler is responsible for marshalling, towing and other aircraft services, and the team will also be in charge of levelling the aircraft to connect it to its integrated loading dock at the airport facility.

WFS ground handling director for Spain, Jacobo Sitges says: “There is no doubt that being part of a complete Beluga turnaround within the industrial environment at Getafe is very special indeed as it connects with its huge loading dock and is very efficiently loaded with new aircraft parts.”

The Beluga features one of the most voluminous cargo holds of any civil or military aircraft, and Airbus fleet of five airlifters play a key role in keeping its production and assembly network operating at full capacity, with the fleet’s overall pace of operations growing to support production ramp-ups.