WFS supports Maersk Bridge operation in Copenhagen


Denmark’s efforts to control the spread of coronavirus have been significantly aided by the rapid supply of medical equipment from around the world, with Worldwide Flight Services’ (WFS) cargo handling team in Copenhagen helping to move PPE to front-line doctors and nurses as quickly as possible.

Already, WFS has handled some 350 tonnes of medical cargoes onboard 15 flights, both freighter charters and cargo-only passenger flights.

Cargo imports from China have arrived on flights operated by airlines including Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways and Star Air. A high number of flights into Denmark are part of the Maersk Bridge operation initiated and co-ordinated by A.P. Moller Holding with support from A.P. Moller – Maersk sourcing the PPE in China, and Damco transporting it in Denmark.
Jimi Daniel Hansen, general manager of WFS – Copenhagen, said: ”We are ready to provide all of the support necessary to ensure the cargo on these special flights reaches medical professionals in Denmark quickly and supports their outstanding work helping patients recovering from the coronavirus. We are especially proud to be helping the fantastic Maersk Bridge operation.