Wickler appointed Cargolux chairman of the board of directors


Cargolux has announced the appointment of Christianne Wickler as Cargolux’ new chairman of the board of directors. Wickler is the first female chairman of the board of directors’ of Cargolux.

An entrepreneur and mother of four, Wickler took over a small petrol station in Oberpallen, in 1982, which her father had entrusted to her. She developed the Pall Centre, an “anti-gloom” business concept that is close to the people, the banner of a group of supermarkets and grocery stores that she has masterfully managed for 38 years.

Co-founder of the citizen collective “5fir12”, she entered politics by running in the legislative elections in 2013 on the Green Party list in the North of Luxembourg.

Following the Green Party’s entrance into the Government coalition, she became a member of Parliament. However, six months later she decided to resign as a member of Parliament to devote herself fully to her family and to her business, which employs more than 300 people.