Wiremind launches dedicated air cargo business unit

Wiremind launches dedicated air cargo business unit

Capacity management is not an easy task, especially in a climate in which that capacity is tight. Shipments come in all shapes, sizes, and commodities, and travel in varying aircraft types. Other problems can also arise, like bookings not always matching what is actually delivered to the airline, space wastage, as well as the risk of having to leave shipments behind.

Wiremind, which has launched a dedicated air cargo business unit, says that its SkyPallet product can help mitigate these problems.

Wiremind, the software and data-science company, which was established in 2014 with a focus on optimising systems mainly for the transport and logistics industries, launched its SkyPallet solution in 2017.

SkyPallet is a ULD & Flight Optimisation system that addresses three common pain points in air cargo steering: the imbalance in essential operational knowledge across air cargo teams, the lack of continuity between the sales and operations processes, and the fact that airline pricing strategies often overlook the volume factor despite its critical impact on margins.

The SaaS solution offers a 3D planning view and enables digital capacity management based on advanced heuristics – in other words, a custom function that selects the best solution on a given dataset, applying rule-based logic. Unique algorithms take into account the respective regulations for special products, carry out weight & density checks for heavy cargo, and ensure smart capacity optimisation to minimise space loss.

The solution has continuously been improved over the years and adopted by leading, international air cargo stakeholders such as Emirates, Atlas Air, United, Qantas, ECS Group, and Chapman Freeborn. Demand for SkyPallet has increased since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, proving the relevance of the solution’s approach.

“Given the acceleration of digitalisation in air cargo, along with an increased connectivity between stakeholders’ processes and systems, Wiremind has decided to launch a dedicated business unit with a clear roadmap and goal for the coming years. We aim to become a leading provider of solutions for air cargo, covering a range of processes and needs,” Nathanaël de Tarade, chief commercial officer at Wiremind, says.

“There is huge potential for further digitalisation in air cargo, yet the industry currently lacks data science expertise at the right level. We know that it can certainly benefit from similar technology, such as deep learning models, for example, that we have successfully deployed on large-scale projects in several industries. Therefore, we have already doubled the size of our air cargo team, and aim at tripling it within the coming months.”