WorldACD: The saga of falling volumes continues


Yields and volumes fell at double digit rates in October as the saga of declining volumes continues, WorldACD reports.

Worldwide air cargo volumes were down 5% while yields in US dollars fell 11% and revenue was 16% lower than in October 2018.

As an origin, Latin America was hit hardest with volumes down 10% and Africa was the only region to remain stable.

All destinations contracted, varying from 8% in Latin America to 1% for the Middle East and South Asia.

WorldACD says the build-up to the end-of-year peak was similar to last year, with October 7% higher than September.

Of the top-20 origin cities, the only growth came from China with Guangzhou up 16% and Shanghai by 3%.

Some smaller airports performed well, with Shenzhen up 58%, Zhengzhou by 19% and Ho Chi Minh City by 7%.

Special cargo continues to perform well, with pharmaceuticals up 7%, high tech by 7%, and fish and seafood by 11%.

Yield for general cargo continued to fall in the six markets, but perishables in particular held up well.