Yusen Logistics opens offices at Benito Juárez Mexico City Airport

Mexico International Airport terminal 2

Yusen Logistics has opened two offices at Benito Juárez Mexico City International Airport, a customs office within the airport’s grounds and a cross dock office just outside.

The freight forwarder has opened the offices to be able to manage its own operations. The company aims to achieve what it calls, “competitive freight procurement and detailed transportation management,” of imported and exported freight with its new offices.

With the cross dock office, located outside the airport, Yusen says it is taking, in-house, tasks, “such as negotiating freight charges with airlines and issuing air waybills.”

The customs office, within the airport grounds, will check the status of freight, carry out customs clearance and supervise truck loading. Previously, Yusen’s customs tasks were carried out by an agency.

The company also plans to improve the quality and marketing of its air cargo service for freight departing from and arriving in Mexico with similar office arrangements at Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport and General Mariano Escobedo Monterrey International Airport.

Yusen Logistics in Mexico was established in 2008 and employs around 100 people, providing logistics services through five bases, including the headquarters in Mexico City, branches in Monterrey and Celaya, and the aforementioned airport offices.