Zongteng Group announces its first Boeing 777F

Zongteng Group announces its first B777F

Zongteng Group has welcomed the arrival of its first Boeing 777F freighter at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

By partnering with Central Airlines, the first flight from Shenzhen to Riyadh was successfully operated on 30 September, 2022. This freighter will take its routes from Shenzhen to Middle East and Europe three to four times per week. The acquisition marks a new milestone in the globalisation process of Zongteng Group.

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The B777F has a range of 9,200 kilometres and a maximum load capacity of more than 102 tonnes. This freighter combines excellent range capability and outstanding efficiency with lower carbon emission, making it the world’s largest and longest-range twin-engine wide-body freighter.

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With a planned annual cargo capacity of over 25,000 tonnes, the B777F enables Zongteng Group to form an air-to-ground connection with global cargo collections, line haul transportation, fulfilment warehouses, and distribution centres, which further consolidates the company’s end-to-end supply chain infrastructure.

The acquisition of this wide-body B777F is key to the group strategy of providing premium logistics services to e-commerce sector. By upgrading its intercontinental air freight capability on routes from Asia to Europe and America, the company will gain greater control over the entire supply chain, and thus significantly enhance stability and efficiency beyond the standard e-commerce parcel delivery services.