AEI to provide three more conversions to Aeronaves


Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has signed a contract to provide Mexico-based Aeronaves T.S.M (TSM) with three additional MD-83SF freighter conversions.

The first MD-83 aircraft will commence modification on 11 December, followed by the second in February of 2018 and the third in late April, 2018.

All the AEI MD-83SF modifications will be performed by Commercial Jet’s Miami, Florida facility.

Last week, AEI delivered an MD-83SF to TSM. TSM represents the largest overall operator of AEI’s MD-80SF series freighters. Including this order, TSM will operate a total of ten AEI MD-80SF series freighters.

Additionally, TSM currently has two AEI CRJ 200SF undergoing conversion at Commercial Jet’s Dothan, Alabama facility.