Aeroflot takes delivery of Boeing 737-800

Aeroflot Boeing 737-800 Next Generation Nikolay Karamzin

Aeroflot has taken delivery of a new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, named after Russian historian, poet and journalist, Nikolay Karamzin.

This is the third aircraft Aeroflot has taken delivery of this year, having received two Sukhoi Superjet 100s in January. Aeroflot took delivery of four 737-800s in 2015, receiving two in July, one in August and another one in November.

In October it was announced Aeroflot would take 14 aircraft, mainly consisting of 737 Next Generations, leased from Sberbank Leasing. The aircraft had originally been ordered for Transaero before it collapsed.

The new 737-800 adds to its fleet of 13 Boeing 777s, 14 737s, 22 Airbus A330s, 26 Airbus A321s, 63 Airbus A320s, five Airbus A319s and 27 SSJ-100s.