AGI Newcastle supports Turkish & Syrian aid transport


Following the recent earthquake that hit Turkey & Syria, the AGI Newcastle office teamed up with Dave Shepherd, the Director of Procurement & Services at SecuriCorp to provide logistics support for the aid collected.

As you can imagine, all manner of items were collected and packed ready to be transported, and Carl Thompson and David Welsh from the Newcastle office not only assisted with the Customs documentation, but the whole team were on-site helping to pack and wrap boxes and pallets.

“From the moment Dave reached out to us, we knew we had to help in any way we could. We used our extensive knowledge of customs to ensure safe passage for this vital cargo, and we’re proud to have helped play our part,” Thompson said.

“I would also like to extend my gratitude to our Global Link partner Anka Trans. Veysel Bayam and the team did an excellent job on the shipment too,” Shepherd added.

“AGI Global Logistics have played a massive part in this journey and put a lot of hard work in and subsidised some of the costs to help us succeed. A massive massive thank you to AGI Global Logistics, David Welsh & Carl Thompson on this epic journey. We couldn’t have done it without these guys,” Dave commented.

“Dave deserves an immense amount of credit for arranging the campaign so quickly, and looking at the amount of donations, he’s done a fantastic job,” Thompson concluded.