Airblox launches new live feed to support electronic block space agreement trading


Aviation fintech pioneer Airblox has launched a live feed of global air freight scheduled flight capacity to support users of its electronic Block Space Agreement (eBSA) booking service.

Airblox’s online marketplace enables freight forwarders and airlines to trade air cargo capacity in the form of standardised eBSAs.

The new live feed will enable users to view upcoming capacity and make informed business decisions by lane by making bids for and securing eBSAs at competitive prices.

Airblox is pioneering the digitisation of Block Space Agreements (BSAs), where companies purchase cargo space on a flight in advance, to make the BSA a tradable commodity.

“By digitising capacity in a centralized exchange in a standardized format, the market is assigning a certain value to it that can be traded,” Edip Pektas, founder of Airblox told delegates at the CNS Partnership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

“We believe that the future of air cargo capacity is as a tradable concept, and by launching this new feed, we are a step closer to giving full transparency of the scheduled global airfreight capacity to our users so that they can make informed decisions.”

Airblox is the first online platform giving air cargo stakeholders an opportunity to trade, exchange, and block cargo capacity in a blockchain infrastructure guaranteeing secure transactions.