Azul Cargo Express delivers for Mercado Libre


Azul Cargo Express has signed a commercial agreement with Mercado Libre, making it the e-commerce company’s only air-shipping partner in Brazil.

John Rodgerson, CEO of Azul says: “When it comes to shipping, customers want fast delivery and reliable service, and this is what we do best. We fly to more than 100 domestic destinations, have 250 franchise stores nationwide, and are able to reach more than 3,500 municipalities within 24 hours. Moreover, we are the only airline in 72% of the routes we serve. Our breadth of reach and delivery speed is unique in the country.”

Leandro Bassoi, vice president of Mercado Libre’s shipping unit Mercado Envios says: “To our customers, this partnership means faster deliveries through Mercado Libre’s and Azul’s extensive network, covering the entire country with almost 900 daily flights. With Azul, we expect to significantly increase both the number and speed of deliveries.”