B&H Worldwide appointed for Aerfin inventory management in Singapore and Australia


B&H Worldwide, the award-winning specialist aerospace logistics company, has been awarded a two-year extension to manage inventory in Singapore and Australia for AerFin, the end-of-life aircraft and engine experts.

AerFin manages both aircraft teardown and engine disassembly at sites around the world, B&H will support AerFin’s fast growing expansion by supporting with Storage and 3PL solutions in Singapore and Australia.

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Demand from its customers over the last decade has fuelled AerFin’s international expansion and scope of services to manage in-house engine disassembly, storage and distribution of aviation inventory.

The contract was signed at MRO Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA and is effective immediately.  It is an extension of an existing agreement in place between the two companies that will see a dramatic increase in volumes being moved. B&H was selected as a partner in these new locations because of the scope of its own international network combined with its reputation and expertise in the management of inventory.

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“We are delighted to be extending our partnership with AerFin. We are both international businesses serving the aviation sector and through this new business in Singapore and Australia, we will be working closely to further increase the development of the British aerospace industry overseas,” B&H Worldwide Group Managing Director, Gary Wilson, said.

Simon Bayliss, SVP Operations for AerFin added: “AerFin is pleased to extend its storage contract with B&H in Asia & Australia, this will give us extended reach to support our customers within this region”.