B&H Worldwide awarded ISO 9001:2015


London-based B&H Worldwide has successfully progressed its existing ISO accreditation to the latest 2015 standard. In so doing it has extended its quality management framework to support the global sales focus of the business. It has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 across all its international locations.

To gain the new accreditation, B&H underwent a stringent process that included quality management system development and a strict documentation review to uprate its ISO 9001:2008. The ISO standard is reviewed every five years. B&H chose to gain the new, revised and more stringent standard because increased globalisation has changed the way it does business and due to the increasing complex nature of aerospace supply chains.

“A uniform service from all offices within our network and improved internal communication means we are quicker and more precise with our guidance and feedback and improved SOPs means service to our customers will be more efficient and effective,” says Melanie Hill, B&H’s group compliance and technical assurance manager. “The hard work doesn’t stop with the accreditation. We are committed to developing our processes and procedures internally to ensure that we grow our business and build a framework for our staff and customers where we are at the forefront of risk based thinking in supply chain management.”


Pictured: Mark McKenna, Head of Operations EMEA; Paul Wakefield, Group Financial Controller; Melanie Hill, Group Compliance & Technical Assurance Manager, Rami Osman, Export Manager UK; and Paul Westcott, Warehouse & Transport Manager UK