BIFA urges UK Government to make some “big decisions”


The British International Freight Association (BIFA) says it is time for the new UK Government to get on with making some decisions.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May took over from David Cameron on Wednesday, she immediately appointed a new Transport Secretary, in Chris Grayling and new Secretary of State for International Trade, in Liam Fox.

Grayling and Fox are set to be a key part of the decision process on whether Heathrow Airport gets the go ahead for a third runway.

BIFA director general, Robert Keen says: “In the few weeks since the Brexit vote, the UK has entered a period of great uncertainty on the political front and we hope that the new cabinet are ready to confront the massive decisions that now need to be taken.

“For a start, whilst we wish Liam Fox and Chris Grayling every success, we urge them and their colleagues in the new Government to stop the procrastination over the expansion of UK aviation capacity and move forward with the recommendations made by the Airports Commission by building more capacity at Heathrow Airport.”

Keen says he is sure Fox understands that the UK’s freight forwarding community is the “engine” of Britain’s international trade.

He adds: “As the trade association that represents the UK’s freight forwarding community, BIFA will be lobbying the government and counting on it to show that the UK is still a confident, outward-looking trading nation, still capable of taking bold decisions that have a direct positive effect on the UK economy, its international connectivity and reputation.”