BlueBox Systems appoints Usman Khan as Global Sales Manager


Usman Khan is the new Global Sales Manager at BlueBox Systems. The proven expert in logistics and technology is operating from London and reports directly to the management of BlueBox Systems. While the company continues to grow, Usman Khan will ensure that BlueBox Systems remains the leading developer of intelligent air freight tracking solutions, providing pioneering services to its customers around the globe.

In order to take BlueBox Systems even further, Global Sales Manager Usman Khan for example will develop new sales strategies, acquire new customers, optimise sales processes and find new markets. At the same time, he is contact person and expert for all products of BlueBox Systems. “It is very important for me to gain a deep understanding of our customer’s pain points and offer guidance to navigate and overcome these challenges,” says Usman Khan. He will be further analysing what trends are developing in the industry so BlueBox Systems can adapt to the market at any given time. “I see huge potential in the product offering of BlueBox Systems and I want to help realise that potential,” says the new Global Sales Manager.

Khan started his career in logistics in 2016 as Business Development Executive at Rhenus Logistics, a worldwide operating logistics company. “At that time, I realised that the logistics industry still needed to catch up in the area of digitalisation,” says Khan, who founded a start-up at Rhenus quickly. Most recently he worked as Global Account Executive for Vizion API, where he was involved in winning well-known customers. “I’m truly passionate about the synergy between logistics and technology, as it propels innovation and efficiency across every aspect of our interconnected supply chains. With my previous career background, I’ve gained valuable insights into various modes of cargo transportation and understand the immense benefits for freight forwarders and shippers in embracing digitalisation in order to revolutionise their operations and redefine their customer experience,” says Khan.

Recently, the Global Sales Manager noticed a big shift in the industry: “In the past, data visibility was a pleasant add-on for enterprises, yet not deemed essential. Times have evolved, and today modern freight customers now insist upon data visibility – a fundamental prerequisite for a superior customer journey. Bluebox Systems, aligning perfectly with this shift, delivers precisely that.” For example, BlueBox Systems is the first tracking platform in the air cargo industry that delivers real time data about the location of air cargo shipments with the highest quality data. BlueBox Systems analyses the data of more than 130 different airlines and more than 1.600 airports.

“BlueBox Systems brings a remarkable and unique solution for air and ocean freight. This includes the capability to provide the most superior data quality in the market, alongside an intuitive and user-centric platform experience, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, informed decision-making and unparalleled customer satisfaction,” Khan explains.