Boosting Canada’s connectivity


Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing their respective distribution networks and customer service capabilities. 

The collaboration is poised to deliver an array of benefits, leveraging their complementary strengths to expand coverage and capacity across key markets. 

Speaking about the partnership, Matthieu Casey highlighted the synergies between the two networks: “Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo’s networks have tremendous complementary qualities that include increased coverage and capacity in markets where we respectively have opportunities.”

A standout feature of this partnership is the enhanced global access it provides. Air Canada Cargo is set to gain access to Emirates SkyCargo’s high-frequency distribution network, which spans a vast number of destinations across the Americas and APAC regions. 

The partnership will see the utilisation of both carriers’ networks to bridge gaps in coverage, ensuring seamless and reliable service to customers. This synergy is particularly evident in the shared European gateways, where the airlines operate under the same handlers, boosting visibility and reliability for cargo transfers.

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Flexible focus

The pairing provides wide-ranging flexibility to help both airlines meet the cargo needs of their customers. This strategic approach to capacity utilisation allows for efficient allocation of resources, ensuring that customer demands are met promptly and effectively.

“The capacity offered from both carriers covers areas in the Americas and APAC regions mostly, with the strengths of the Air Canada network and that of the Emirates networks being leveraged where there are certain gaps and added opportunity,” Casey stated. “As an example, Emirates and Air Canada share an abundance of European gateways where we have the same handlers, which increases visibility and reliability.”

Customers and communication

Recent developments in the collaboration have focused on aligning operations at transfer airports and enhancing communication channels. These initiatives aim to streamline the customer experience by simplifying booking processes and providing real-time visibility of shipments. 

As Casey emphasised, customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of the partnership’s objectives: “The alignment of operations in the transfer airports as well as our communication to ensure that all customers have ease of booking and visibility of their shipments are the areas that have been and continue to be developed, with the continual mutual goal of keeping customer satisfaction as our guiding light.”

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Eager to expand

Looking ahead, both Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo express their desire to further nurture and expand this collaboration. The emphasis lies on customer-centric solutions and broadening the scope of service offerings. 

Casey noted, “We are anxious to continue to grow this collaboration and will certainly look at ways of enhancing our partnership in ways that benefit the customer and increase service offerings to the market.”