Brazil’s WeSafer AI Software joins as an affiliate member of ALTA


Predictive maintenance, air traffic management, weather forecasting, air operations optimisation, fraud detection and security, passenger experience improvement, pilot training, and advanced flight simulation are just some of the areas in which the aviation industry employs Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is a long-standing ally in making aviation safer, more efficient, and a smoother experience for all, which is why the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) is pleased to announce that WeSafer, a Brazilian startup, joins as a member of the association to work together on its mission to drive excellence and innovation in the aviation industry with the ultimate goal of Bringing air travel closer to more people in more places.

Headquartered in Porto Digital and as a spin-off of the AVANTIA Group, WeSafer is one of the leading technology integrators in Brazil, specializing in advanced AI solutions for process safety and monitoring. Since its founding in 2012, the company has collaborated with well-known clients, including Azul Líneas Aérea, White Martins (Praxair), Gerdau and Heineken, among others.

One of the most notable achievements of this collaboration has been the development of WeSafer On-Time Performance, an innovative digital technology based on AI (deep learning) that uses computer vision trained on more than 50 thousand images to identify real times and movements in the aviation industry in the area of aircraft berths by optimizing the Turnaround Time (TAT). Since its implementation in September 2022, this technology has had a significant impact on Azul Airlines’ on-time and operational efficiency, helping the airline maintain an impressive 89% of on-time arrivals in 2022, according to Cirium data.

“Artificial intelligence has been a reality in aviation for years and it is becoming even more relevant and urgent to know about it. The collaboration between ALTA and WeSafer AI Software will further strengthen our ability to drive innovation and efficiency in the region,” stated José Ricardo Botelho, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA. “We are thrilled to welcome the entire WeSafer team as an affiliate member and excited to continue exploring how AI can continue to improve aviation in our region.”

“At Wesafer we are very happy to participate and be validated by ALTA as a provider of software and smart digital technologies for airlines in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are committed to helping aviation in this large and important region, and now with local development and support to make them increasingly efficient in their airport operations,” said Teco Sodré, coFounder and Digital Business Director.