Insurtech startup Breeze launches automated insurance solution with Ceedbox and Cardinal Global Logistics


Digital cargo insurance innovator Breeze has partnered with logistics software provider Ceedbox and freight forwarding giant Cardinal Global Logistics (Cardinal) to develop an innovative solution that delivers seamless and instant all-risk cargo insurance, tackling the prevalent, global issue of underinsured freight.

Cardinal now uses Ceedbox’s advanced technology and Breeze’s cutting-edge APIs to automate and constantly optimise quote generation, policy binding, and claims processing, reducing the time and effort needed to provide accurate cargo insurance coverage.

“In a fast-paced world, freight forwarders need to be agile and responsive to meet their customers’ expectations, which is why we are developing cargo insurance solutions for them,” said Eyal Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Breeze.

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“An estimated 70 percent of global trade is either un- or under-insured, and our partnership with Ceedbox and Cardinal to develop this new solution has set a new standard for freight forwarders to ensure their customers’ cargo is always protected.”

Designed with Cardinal’s operators in mind, Ceedbox and Breeze’s solution automates the offering of insurance to Cardinal’s customers without the need to add or change anything to their operations.

This automation has minimised manual input and human error, leading to a significant reduction in discrepancies and insurance claim issues, enabling Cardinal to provide a more efficient and comprehensive service to their customers.

As part of the solution, all systems are connected efficiently, resulting in improved communication between departments and increased visibility of shipments and their insurance coverage.

“When developing our solution, we engaged in a comprehensive study from the perspective of customers and operators, allowing us to gain a thorough understanding of the varied requirements of all participants in the supply chain,” said Alex Grant, Founder and CEO, Ceedbox.

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Breeze and Ceedbox believe the key to innovation lies in ensuring that technology serves the user, rather than the user adapting to technology.

“Ceedbox and Breeze have made it very easy for us to provide a holistic service to our customers, which includes offering cargo coverage for shipments handled by us,” said Gareth Sumner, Sales Director, Cardinal.

“Moreover, they are supporting us to constantly improve the solution as we learn new things and as our business needs change.”

Eyal Goldberg and Matthew Phillips, Chief Commercial Officer, Breeze, will be on hand to discuss the platform at Transport Logistic 2023, Munich, from the 9th to the 10th May.