Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Experience


CharterSync, the brainchild of co-founders Simon Watson and Ed Gillett, has announced the release of strong financial results for the 2022 and a move to new London offices. Both marking a milestone in the company’s evolution. Turnover has almost tripled whilst doubling profits for the period.

The new office space embodies CharterSync’s unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between technology and experience, revolutionising the way business is done and supporting positive teams to exceed client expectations.

Identifying an outdated culture in the air charter market for technological efficiencies, the company launched at Air Cargo Europe and officially began trading in 2019 as the first digitally enabled cargo broker in the industry. Their vision was clear – merge technology with aviation expertise to chart a new course.

Since then, CharterSync continues to lead the tribe and shake the tree, amassing industry awards and earning its 49th ranking in The Sunday Times Top 100 fastest-growing companies of 2023. The journey continues as CharterSync recently became part of the Cargotech family, an ecosystem of specialist aviation companies each developing tech tools to propel the aviation industry into the future.

“CharterSync’s journey is one of relentless determination,” said Ed Gillett, Co-Founder of CharterSync. ” The new office space blends state of the art technology and a wellness-centric environment. It is a tangible expression of our commitment to delivering a fast, efficient end to end service in air charter and to our staff who we support in being balanced, positive and productive. The balance is important.It goes beyond being a mere relocation; it’s a strategic move to enhance the work environment for CharterSync’s team and clients alike.”