CEVA Rolls Royce warehouse achieves “showcase status”

CEVA Logistics’ Rolls Royce warehouse site in Singapore

The 65,000 sq metre assembly site in Singapore which CEVA Logistics operates on behalf of Rolls-Royce has been awarded showcase status within CEVA’s global network. Around the world within the logisticians’ operations, less than 30 sites have achieved this prestigious award requiring facilities to meet stringent requirements before qualifying as a showcase site.

The Singapore site is one of the few facilities within the SEAPAC (South East Asia & Pacific) region, but the first in the country to have garnered this achievement. For Rolls-Royce, this is a global first. 

Showcase status was achieved over the course of just over a year where the operations team strived to meet 138 requirements across 14 metrics including Health and Safety, Visual Management (5S – Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise & Sustain), Work Instructions, Resources Scheduling, Quality – KPIs, Quality –- Non Conformance, Compliance, Continuous Improvement, Customer Performance, Internal Performance, Financials, Inventory, Training Communication and Employee Satisfaction and Flow, ABC Analysis and Slotting.

Within the premises, the CEVA Logistics team is responsible for inbound receiving, inventory management, storage, picking and kitting of parts to the Rolls-Royce engine assembly line. For returns and outbound shipments to other countries, the team onsite also provides a global export service.