Challenge Technic is digitally powered by AMOS


As part of its clearly defined long-term digital innovation strategy, Challenge Group has chosen to work together with AMOS to anticipate, support and deliver on future market developments.

Challenge Technic has now embarked on the full implementation of Swiss-AviationSoftware’s AMOS Airlines Edition and AMOSmobile/EXEC, in line with Challenge Group’s strategic decision in January 2023 to adopt a uniform, high quality, and future-proof aircraft maintenance software system across its three airlines, Challenge Airlines IL, Challenge Airlines BE and Challenge Airlines MT, and maintenance subsidiaries.

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“We are transitioning from our current Wings maintenance software to AMOS in two stages. The first stage, which focuses on Part 145 organisation, began this month, and the second, which will tackle the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), will follow in August 2023,” says Magnus Johannsson. Technical Director at Challenge Technic. “Similar to our stringent maintenance check lists, we have carefully planned this staggered IT implementation so as to ensure minimum disruption to our international line business.”

AMOS was chosen because of its user-friendly interface and its high integrational flexibility enabling the complete overview of every aspect of the Group’s operations in a single software. As one of the leading aircraft maintenance software systems on the market, AMOS can not only optimise maintenance, maintenance planning logistics, engineering, and group interface efficiency, but is also scalable to suit airlines and MRO providers of all sizes.

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“Once AMOS is fully installed at all of our Challenge Technic line stations around the globe, we can look forward to improved efficiency and transparency across the many entities of our group. With all group members being able to access the same live and complete technical data of our fleet and respective maintenance plans, we will be in a position to better streamline our activities and further improve our operational efficiency. AMOS’s digital support will also enable us to largely go paperless, so not only will this lead to an overall reduction in costs, but we will be more sustainable in the way we work, too. These are all advantages that will also benefit our many customers,” Magnus Johannsson summarises.

By partnering with AMOS, which has a long-standing reputation in airline maintenance and is continuously enhancing its products, Challenge Group is taking further steps towards ensuring that airline customers get the most efficient and expert MRO service.