Cool Chain Association welcomes two new members


Switzerland-based Lamprecht Pharma Logistics and France-based Logfret have become the latest members to join the Cool Chain Association (CCA).  

Lamprecht Pharma Logistics, a logistics solution provider for pharmaceuticals, and Logfret, an international freight forwarding company offering digital solutions, both have a dedicated focus on optimising cool chain solutions within their supply chains.

“Lamprecht Pharma Logistics and Logfret bring a wealth of experience in managing cold chain risk which aligns with the CCA’s mission to improve the temperature-controlled supply chain,” Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, CCA, said.

“They have joined us at an exciting time with our organisation spearheading Technical Committee projects and bringing to life events that have been in the pipeline, to make greater strides within the industry.

“We look forward to taking our collaboration with them to the next level.”

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Logfret has developed a digital freight solution, NEOLink, that allows its users to request and receive multiple rate quotes, track shipments online, analyse metrics, and view inventory in real time.

“By joining the CCA, Logfret envisions that the capabilities of NEOLink, Logfret, and other members will create a harmonious future through like-minded contributions to the industry, with the aligned goal of creating a more sustainable world,” Marc Millet, CEO, Logfret, said.

Lamprecht Pharma Logistics offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including good distribution practice (GDP) warehousing, ambient and cool chain solutions, global GDP freight services by air, truck, sea, and courier, as well as data logger management.

“We believe that improving the supply chain and focusing on our environmental impact can only happen through mutual exchange and collaboration,” Gian Alessi, Managing Director, Lamprecht Pharma Logistics, said.

“It is through the CCA that we hope to contribute our part towards a better society.“

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Together with member PPECB, the CCA recently contributed to an outline of best handling practices of perishables off the back of a trial tracking fresh raspberries from a South African farm to supermarkets in the UK.

Later in the year, the CCA will be hosting a panel session at Airfreight Pharma, taking place in Athens, Greece, from the 20th to the 22nd September.

The conference will bring together stakeholders across the Pharma industry to discuss and share insights around best handling procedures of pharmaceutical products.