Delta Cargo gains IATA CEIV Pharma certification

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Delta Cargo has become the first global carrier based in the USA to gain IATA CEIV Pharma Logistics certification.

The International Air Transport Association Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (IATA CEIV) certification was awarded to the company at the headquarters level and at its Atlanta hub.

Delta has created the first trans-Atlantic network connecting Atlanta with other CEIV Pharma certified partners, stations and handlers in Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Paris and Rome.

Delta Cargo president and senior vice president – airport customer service, Gareth Joyce says: “The safe and efficient transportation of Pharma products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a key priority for us, as is the health and safety of patients who depend on them.”

He adds: “Delta has made significant investments in the ensuring that our facilities, equipment, operations and staff comply with all applicable standards, regulations and guidelines expected from pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

Delta’s joint venture partner, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is also certified, and the airline says this creates significant opportunities to transport pharmaceuticals across a global trade lane.

IATA vice president airport, passenger, cargo and security, Nick Careen says the North American market accounts for over 20 per cent of global trade, and Delta Cargo gaining CEIV certification is good for the region.

He says: “Having Delta Cargo, one of the region’s largest operators, achieve CEIV Pharma Certification is a boost not only for the airline’s customers, who can be confident that their life-saving and temperature sensitive products will be delivered in impeccable condition, but also the region.”

“We congratulate them on their achievement and for taking the industry one step closer to having a global standard in place for the transportation of pharmaceuticals.”