Digitally transforming cargo handling


Virgin Atlantic Cargo is embracing a new era of digital excellence with the introduction of Accelya’s FLX Cargo Platform.

This dynamic digital transformation is more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic shift that enhances cargo management, customer experience, and overall operational efficiency by providing seamless connectivity and continued improvement.

Catalyst for connectivity 

Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s digital evolution is powered by Accelya’s FLX Cargo Platform, the backbone of the Voyager 7 system. This revolutionary partnership accelerates the airline’s digital transformation journey and fosters a multi-distribution strategy. 

Phil Wardlaw, Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo, stated, “This new generation system offers a multi-distribution strategy, which includes our own website, third-party marketplaces, and direct forwarder integration.” 

This comprehensive approach ensures seamless connectivity and maximises accessibility for customers.

“We always strive to create brilliantly different experiences for our customers, making air cargo easier for everyone and ensuring that every touchpoint is not only optimal but also meaningful,” Wardlaw said.

“We want every digital booking with Virgin Atlantic Cargo to come with expert support and a human touch at every step.”

Integration and empowerment

The integration of the FLX Cargo Platform is pivotal in enhancing Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s cargo management and customer experience. “The successful implementation of the FLX Cargo Platform transformed our technology infrastructure to maintain and grow volumes secured during the pandemic,” Wardlaw revealed. 

Once integrated, it meant we were able to partner with, to expand our customer base and booking channels with forwarders globally.”

Through this, the airline collaborates with, extending its customer base and offering instant bookings 24/7. This expansion not only amplifies accessibility but also ensures customers benefit from efficient and intuitive digital experiences.

“Later this year we will further expand our digital marketplace offering and we also intend to develop direct customer APIs. Furthermore, we will progress and implement dynamic pricing to ensure our online customers can experience the great customer offering that we currently deliver in the offline channels.”

Tailored movements

Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s innovative framework introduces three distinct service levels – Classic, Priority, and Express – empowering customers to tailor their cargo movements according to their specific needs. 

“We see a variety of requirements from different industries. For example, the range and necessities for transporting pharmaceuticals is vast,” Wardlaw stated. 

“With sole generic drugs, they are robust and lower in value so may not need the speed or priority that other goods such as Cell Gene Therapy shipments require, given that they are extremely time and temperature sensitive.”

This personalised approach addresses diverse industry requirements, fostering a seamless and specialised booking experience.

“The new framework consists of both products and service levels enabling our customers to tailor every movement by selecting the right handling, speed, priority, and price,” Wardlaw explained. 

“As we look towards the future, this framework will enable an intuitive experience across all future booking methods, as well as a basepoint for us to continually develop and adapt to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.” 

Operations and control

The Voyager 7 system’s core features are instrumental in streamlining the cargo booking process and bolstering operational efficiency. The digital transformation doesn’t just focus on customer-facing aspects; it reshapes internal procedures too. 

“The Accelya’s FLX Cargo solution digitises every aspect of the cargo booking process – from offer to settlement – providing us with greater commercial and operational control,” Wardlaw highlighted. 

“The capability that the new system delivers means we are able to further develop our system ability, helping to ensure that we remain at the forefront of cargo management system advances, and are always aligned to the needs of our customers.”

Customers can now book via various channels, each catering to specific needs, ensuring an optimised experience for every stakeholder.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s digital revolution is built on the foundation of continuous improvement. 

“As part of the agreement with Accelya, we also benefit from ongoing product development and upgrades throughout the contract, ensuring customer requirements and associated system development is a constant process,” Wardlaw stated. 

This commitment to innovation guarantees that the airline remains at the forefront of cargo management system advances, ever-responsive to the evolving needs of customers.