Dimerco helps customers avoid US-China trade war


Taiwan-based Dimerco is leveraging its strong presence in Indonesia to help customers navigate restrictions resulting from the US-China trade war.

Working with strategic partner PT Uniair Indotama Cargo, Dimerco is providing a range of logistics services in Indonesia, particularly from Batam, where the Free Trade Zone is proving a useful alternative for Taiwan based companies.

Dimerco chief executive officer, Edward Lin says the company’s customs clearance brokerage services offers a window for import and export services.

He says: “The whole process of moving products to market is critical and our strength in Indonesia – from freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, value added services and last mile delivery for cross-border e-commerce – is delivering a key competitive advantage for our customers, particularly at this challenging time.”

Uniair has a domestic network of 100 branches and agents, delivering to more than 3,000 districts and destinations.

Batam is a strategic area for the smartphone industry, where companies can outsource the production of 4G smartphones.

As a designated Free Trade Zone, Batam Island is under the Generalised System of Preferences and is exempt from import duties, sales tax, VAT, tax luxury goods, divergence and customs.

Lin says: “We have near 30 years’ experience operating in Indonesia, so our knowledge and network make the inbound and outbound process from and to Batam easy for our customers; with our Jakarta office, we can connect to the rest of Indonesia and via Dimerco’s Singapore office, connect to the rest of the world.”