Europa goes global with growing network


Having begun with just daily services to and from Italy out of an office in Barking, Essex, Europa Worldwide has expanded from simply covering Europe to having bases in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and more. Most recently, Europa branched out further with a new office in Delhi, India, allowing it to strengthen its foothold in another region. Marking the first time Europa has stepped into the India Subcontinent, this move opens the door to huge opportunities for the company’s customers and operating markets.

“Over the past 18 months we have opened a number of offices around the globe and our expansion into Delhi will allow us to continue with our growth ambition and increase our geographical footprint,” Angus Hind, Director for Europa Air & Sea, said.

With three divisions: Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea and Europa Warehouse, Europa Worldwide finds itself involved in all aspects of ocean and air cargo transportation. This is reflected in the current mix of cargo moved throughout the globe by Europe, roughly 50% airfreight and 50% ocean freight.

Enhancing operations

For Europa, while its home might be in Europe, it is always looking for regions that are ripe for the picking. India has always been a core market of focus for the company due to how the Indian economy is growing at an exponential rate. “As we have a strong relationship as nations, it felt like a natural progression,” Hind added.

By establishing a firm base in the region, Europa is looking to further develop some of its core markets for both imports and exports which include, technology and pharmaceutical. There are also strong trade links between China and India, and with its office in Shanghai performing particularly well there was an increased demand for an office in Delhi.

“We have strategically opened our offices in India, China and Hong Kong to emulate where we have a footprint of business. What we are now looking at, is how we can enhance and further that network so that we can incorporate more links within Europa’s own supply chain including our offices in the UAE and the UK,” Hind continued.

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Fluctuating demand

The airfreight industry has continued to face a number of external issues that pose significant challenges for companies operating within the cargo sector. Strikes across multiple industries, the continuing impact of the Ukrainian war and rising energy costs have put pressure on the industry.

The global appetite for cargo has also slightly decreased in Q1 of 2023 due to the cost of living, while capacity on cargo routes is becoming tighter. Customer expectations are changing, with increased demand for real-time access to information

“As a business that operates globally, we are used to dealing with fluctuations in the markets on a regular basis. At the moment, we are finding that the European market has slowed down, however what we have seen is good growth in both our UK exports and intra-Asia trade lane,” Hind explained.

“Despite all of these external challenges, I’m sure you’ll agree the airfreight industry has adapted, shifting gradually in line with supply and demand, and meeting changing customer expectations. As we continue into the year and businesses progress and expand globally, I’m sure we will see the airfreight industry continue to play a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods worldwide,” Hind predicted.

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Future targets

As a company, Europa is always reviewing and identifying where it might need to alter its approach to ensure it can effectively fulfil the needs and requirements of its customers by having skilled and dedicated local teams. These staff members look to stay one step ahead of the game, reacting with agility to any situation that could emerge.

That’s why Europa is always looking ahead, even after an impressive period of growth in its global network. 

Looking ahead, following the recent growth of its global network, Europa is planning the next step in its evolution. Discussing his plans, Hind revealed that the company sees an opportunity to open a new office in Rotterdam in the coming months, as it takes another big step. There are also other potential offices in additional continents that are under consideration.