Falling cargo at All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) international and domestic cargo revenues both fell in the first quarter (Q1) of the financial year.

For the quarter ending on 30 June, the airline saw international cargo drop year on year (YOY) by 1.6 per cent or 0.4 billion Yen ($3.2 million). Domestic fell YOY 0.4 billion Yen or 5.4 per cent.

The carrier’s international cargo revenue in Q1 was 28.8 billion Yen. It carried 191,000 tonnes of freight and its cargo tonne kilometres were 828 million. ANA says internationally it: “Worked to capture trilateral traffic demand between North America and Asian cities via Japan, but as a result of the stagnant cargo market, both on flights departing Japan for China and other Asian countries, and also on flights to Japan, freight volume and revenues decreased YOY.”

The airline’s domestic revenue in Q1 was 7.2 billion Yen. It carried 104,000 tonnes and its cargo tonne kilometres were 106 million. ANA says domestically it: “Introduced a new sales system designed to facilitate space availability at the real-time. However, as a result of a decrease in the supply for fresh produce because of typhoons and other inclement weather and a reduced volume of international cargo transferred to domestic flights due to yen depreciation, both freight volume and revenues decreased YOY.”

ANA’s total revenues increased by seven per cent in Q1 compared to the previous year, reaching 413.8 billion Yen. The airline says the overall performance reflected expansion in its network and capacity along with improved efficiency and cost restructuring, which drove strong increases. ANA explains: “Despite downside risks to the economy in overseas market, the Japanese economy continued to recover gradually with signs of a rebound in capital investment and personal consumption during the first quarter.”