FedEx and TNT roll out Medpak VI°C globally

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FedEx Express and TNT have rolled out Medpak VI°C globally, having successfully launched the product for sensitive healthcare products in Europe three years ago.

Medpak VI°C allows companies in the clinical trials sector to ship test medications in temperature-controlled reusable packaging.

FedEx and TNT are now rolling the service out internationally, starting with Asia-Pacific and North America.

Marking a development in the healthcare business, Medpak VI°C is also serving customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in addition to the clinical trials sector.

Roland Schutze, healthcare lead at FedEx Express and TNT says: “More than anything, our customers need reliability in terms of the technology itself, highly accurate delivery performance, time-sensitive shipment and having a partner that can deliver a full end-to-end service without multiple carriers and supported by a dedicated customer service team. I’m delighted that we’re able to take this innovation to the global marketplace.”