Finnair and Swissport sign contract extension for Helsinki

(From left to right) Finnair VP for procurement, Ville Halonen; Swissport SVP ground handling Europe, Simon Messner; Finnair head of ground services, Mikko Tainio; Swissport Finland CEO, Roland Etter; and Finnair COO, Ville Iho.

Swissport International and Finnair have signed an extension of their existing contract for ramp handling services in Helsinki Airport until 31 October 2020.

The new agreement is effective immediately, and the companies say it builds a strong basis for future joint growth and further increased quality at the growing hub in Helsinki.

Swissport International has already been providing ramp handling services for Finnair in Helsinki since December 2011.

The companies are now extending their partnership for another five years and say improved operations and service efficiency are key, as Helsinki Airport – the Finnair hub – is expanding and the number of flights is increasing.

Swissport Finland will support Finnair in their growth strategy by continuously increasing the standards and quality of its ground handling services.

Finnair head of ground operations, Mikko Tainio says: “We are very pleased to continue our partnership and are looking forward to further raise the levels of service quality and efficiency delivered to our passengers together.

“A world class, reliable partner is especially vital in the coming years, as Finnair’s traffic grows and Helsinki Airport is expanding.”

Swissport International senior vice president for ground handling in Europe, Simon Messner adds: “We are proud that Finnair acknowledges our expertise and the high quality standards we apply to our operations, and decided to further extend our cooperation.

“We will continuously develop our product to support Finnair´s targets of providing a smooth customer experience at Finnair’s important and constantly growing hub Helsinki Airport.”

Finnair specialises in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe and says Helsinki’s geographical location gives it a competitive advantage, since the fastest connections between many European destinations and Asian megacities fly over Finland.