Freight alliances sign strategic partnership agreement


Neutral freight solution alliance networks Cargo World Network (CWN) and Neutral Air Partner (N.A.P) have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

N.A.P founder and chief executive officer, Christos Spyrou says the partnership with CWN gives members access to a global network of LCL consolidation specialists, and an innovative platform of ocean freight tools including LCL rate engine and sailing schedules.

He adds: “In addition to our ocean procurement benefit ,we will work closely with CWN members providing them competitive and advanced air cargo consolidation solutions and neutral value-added services through our platform of air cargo experts and vendors to the trade.”

Cargo World Network co-president, Ruben Huber explains: “Apart from enabling NAP members to provide CWN global LCL solutions for their customers and combine with their air products creating innovative sea and air solutions, our members will get access to the leading, neutral airfreight platform, that compliments the service to our customers whenever a shipment becomes more urgent.

“Besides the mutual benefit, both networks share similar values and a spirit for innovation that has the potential to further revolutionize our industry.”