Government must protect industry from ‘total collapse’, says GMB


GMB Union says the Government must step in to protect the aviation industry from ‘total collapse’ amid rumours of a full UK border shutdown.

This morning cabinet minister George Eustice said the Government  has considered the possibility of closing the borders to travellers to prevent new strains of covid being spread in the UK.

Aviation workers were among the first to be hit by the Covid crisis  look like being the last out of it.

The aviation minister’s announcement of a package of financial support for airport operators in November has still yet to pay out.

With the aviation industry already on its knees, GMB says the time has come for government to set out a sector specific deal and furlough extension for aviation workers.

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, commented: “GMB representatives have worked tirelessly for months to protect jobs in the industry, our members have made sacrifices to keep themselves in work.

“They are ready and waiting to get back to work, they are trained and they are proud to work in the industry. But the industry is on the brink of total collapse.

“They cannot simply be thrown on the scrap heap because the Government refuses to listen to unions and employers about what is needed to get the industry flying again – once the time is right.

“Ministers’ decisions have led to the industry shut down. GMB supports moves to slow the spread of the virus but when these impact on workers the Government must step in.”