Hitit to drive data sharing between Cargo IQ members


Air cargo quality standards organization Cargo iQ has welcomed airline and travel IT solutions provider Hitit as a Strategic Associate member to help drive forward the organization’s goal to enhance global quality standards in the air cargo industry through digitalization.

As a Strategic Associate, Hitit’s combined team of tech experts and airline industry veterans will lend its sector insight and expertise in digital data management to Cargo iQ member discussions and projects.

In time, Hitit will help to drive data sharing between members by contributing to the development of the Cargo iQ Data Management Platform (CDMP).

“With Hitit planning to develop the CDMP functionalities in the short term, they will be best positioned to serve their airline partners by providing planning and measuring functionalities as per Cargo iQ specifications,” said Lothar Moehle, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.

“We feel very positive about this new addition to our membership as it will enable more industry stakeholders to improve process quality for their operations.”

Cargo iQ members use the CDMP to create shipment route maps and monitor shipment movement and status updates from airport to airport.

CDMP data reports are then analyzed and this information is used to drive quality improvements by all members.

“For the past four years, Hitit has been committed to driving technological advancements within the air cargo industry, so it is of utmost importance for us to be actively engaged in an influential interest group like Cargo iQ, supporting the establishment and implementation of high-quality standards for air cargo,” said Atilla Lise, Chief Transportation Solutions Officer, Hitit.

“As a new Strategic Associate Member, we want to continue to contribute to the digitalization of the industry.”

Hitit was founded in 1994 by two female executives with previous experience working for Turkish Airlines.

It has grown over the past 29 years to become the third largest passenger system provider worldwide as of 2019, serving more than 60 airlines across six continents with business-critical software solutions, hosting infrastructure, and support services.

In 2018, Hitit added modular and scalable air cargo solutions to its portfolio to bring its partners a single point of integrated service and drive digital transformation in airfreight.

It is with this goal in mind that the company now joins as a member of Cargo iQ.

“Even very large companies in the sector continue to do business with old technologies and this habit of doing business spanning decades, coupled with the problem of transferring data that has reached very large dimensions, has turned digitalization into a much desired but somewhat delayed reality,” said Lise.

“As part of Cargo iQ, we are eager to maintain our momentum in driving industry-wide digitization.

“Our focus remains on actively collaborating with industry stakeholders, as we strive to usher in a new era and build upon the success of our uninterrupted four-year air cargo initiatives.”