Intercargo aids vaccine logistics


Intercargo Ground Handling Argentina has announced the success of its assistance with the first Aeroméxico flight which transported the Oxford-AstraZeneca in mid January.

On 28th January, Intercargo further helped with the transportation of the Sputnik V vaccine using an aircraft from the state company Boliviana de Aviación to La Paz.

For this operation the handler utilised its recently incorporated Cool Dollies.

This specific equipment is unique to Argentina and will be utilised as a part of the necessary logistics to transport the COVID-19 vaccines, keeping the cold chain and avoiding abrupt climate changes when that sanitary equipment is uploaded or downloaded from airplanes.

This equipment enables Intercargo to handle cargo within a range of temperatures: frozen: -14° to -18°; cold: 2° to 25° and intermedium: 15° to 25°.